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Understanding the science

ALFA (Allelic Lateral Flow Assay) is a user-friendly diagnostic platform for ultra-sensitive DNA detection without the need of laborious target amplification.  When coupled with a mobile app, ALFA affords a rapid, accurate and inexpensive home-based test that can meet the critical need of point-of-care testing, including:

  • Easy access and availability.
  • No interpersonal contact to avoid secondary infection.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring, allowing fast and effective decisions to be made. 


As shown below, an ALFA device is configured into a three-layered plastic assembly with a test strip and two pH-indicator nibs sandwiched in between the plastic parts.

ALFA device assembly

A. Exploded view. B. Test strip (blue) on molded backing (gray). C. As in B, but showing red-colored nibs (red). D. As in C, but covered with plastic front plate.


In principle, there are three key steps involved in a typical ALFA-based test.

#1: Sample Collection

Entrap touch DNA onto the filter by electrostatic attraction.

#2: Solution Addition

Flow DNA samples bilaterally towards the left and right ends.

#3: Results Reading

Interpret and save test results with the companion App.

ALFA-based assay has been successfully used to detect DNA or RNA from matrices such as saliva, urine, blood, serum, amniotic fluid, tissues, cheek swab, finger and canine philtrum, and has found wide-range applications from pathogen detection, cancer monitoring, kinship identification and prenatal trisomy screening.

Frequently asked questions

Touch DNA represents a specific yet minor fraction of serum cfDNAs that are steadily extruded to the epidermal surface of the finger pads. Since touch DNA is surface-bound, no other DNA sampling compares to its simplicity and accessibility.

Nope!  All you have to do is to “touch” the KinTouch cassette and add solution to the cassette.

The KinTouch Test requires just a smidge of DNA sample from the fingertip; thus, it is completely safe to the user.

Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout according the FedEX rate, which varies according to distance and destination.

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  Arthur C. Clarke

For decades, KINSTAGEN has been exploring the intrinsic “stress” conditions of touch DNA and unraveled the tight link between differential DNA energetics and tumorigenesis. Such a groundbreaking discovery set the stage for the ensuing studies on DNA conformational energetics, which has since found wide-ranging applications in pathogen detection, cancer monitoring, kinship identification and NIPT trisomy screening.

The advent of KinTouch b2X Test ushers in an era of touch DNA diagnostics as our knowledge regarding the “wellness” of the immortal gene is redefined. As a team of scientists heavily focused on creating something to make our lives better, we are committed to advancing diverse disciplines of science and medicine using the truly paradigm-shift ALFA technology invented by the scientists at Kinstagen.